K1 fiance visa alternative

3 reasons to skip K1 fiancé visa & do this instead…

Find out how couples are bringing their partners to the United States using the Spouse Visa process. What’s their secret? Getting married online using VirtualMarriage.

Finding love across international borders is becoming increasingly common in our globalized world. However, the process of obtaining the proper visa to live with your international partner in the United States can be daunting, especially when navigating the K1 fiancé visa process. Fortunately, there is an alternative path that can simplify the journey – getting married online and applying for a spouse visa instead.

The first step is to legally get married online through a recognized online marriage service provider. VirtualMarriage is the #1 leader in the space with over 3,000+ marriages completed, 4.9 / 5 rated Excellent, 300+ 5-star reviews. Once you have your official online marriage certificate, you can then begin the process of applying for a spouse visa, such as a CR1 or IR1 visa depending on your specific situation.

Applying for a spouse visa could have some distinct advantages over the K1 fiancé visa route.

1) First, the processing times could be faster since you are already legally married.

2) Additionally, the spouse visa grants immediate permanent residency upon entry to the United States, whereas the K1 requires adjusting status after arrival.

3) The financial requirements for the spouse visa are also typically more straightforward.

However, it’s important to carefully research the requirements for getting married online in your jurisdiction, as well as the specific visa process based on your nationality and circumstances. You’ll need to provide ample evidence of your genuine relationship, financial ability to support your spouse, and any other required documentation. Working with an experienced immigration attorney can help ensure you have met all the legal requirements.

While the spouse visa process is not without its complexities, skipping the K1 by getting married online first can streamline your path to legally immigrating and starting your life together in the United States. With proper planning and adherence to the regulations, this modern approach allows couples to more efficiently navigate the immigration system across borders.

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Are virtual marriages accepted for spouse visas?

Yes! Virtual marriages are perfectly acceptable for U.S. spousal green card applications, as long as the couple can show that the marriage was legally sanctioned and consummated. Once married, they’ll have to prove the marriage was consummated. Why? As it stands, for purposes of immigration, U.S. law requires couples to be in the same place when they get married, “unless the marriage shall have been consummated” (see section 101(a)(35) of the Immigration Nationality Act (INA)).

To prove consummation, couples can collect documents showing that they have been physically together for stretches of time between the marriage ceremony and the filing of the green card application. Evidence might include: 

  • Signed affidavit provided by the couple
  • Signed affidavits provided by the couple’s friends, family, and neighbors
  • Time-stamped photos
  • Flight itineraries 
  • Bills or bank statements containing both spouses’ names
  • Hotel reservations

To be clear: the newlyweds must prove consummation occurred AFTER the ceremony. 

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