Thousands of service members have been married online via computer or smartphone. For a lot of military members separated from their loved ones in the Army, Navy or Airforce, it’s a convenient & easy way to officially tie the knot. Instead of waiting months to return from a deployment or spend thousands in fees for alternatives, many are turning to this quick 15 minute alternative. It can be particularly helpful for those who are hoping to see each other more.

“Both my husband and I are in the military, with me being stationed overseas. We wanted to get married but it was difficult due to our 14 hour time difference and being thousands of miles away, but this website made it so easy!  Everyone that helped us out were so kind and respectful and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend 100% to anyone that is seperated by distance to be legally married. They’re awesome!”

Mia (US Army Nurse)
Married December 10, 2022

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