Are you looking to do a Las Vegas wedding? Every year, 80,000+ couples are married in Las Vegas (whether they elope at a Las Vegas chapel or throw a big party). Eloping in Las Vegas has become popular in pop culture over the last 30 years – as many want to quickly get a Vegas marriage via a Las Vegas chapel.

How to get married using a Las Vegas wedding?

Las Vegas remains a popular destination for couples looking to elope and have a fun, unique wedding experience. Eloping in Las Vegas can be a fun and exciting way to tie the knot! Las Vegas is known for its quick and easy wedding options, with many chapels offering various wedding packages that can fit any budget.

To elope in Las Vegas, you will need to obtain a marriage license from the Clark County Marriage Bureau, which is located downtown. You can apply for a marriage license online or in person, but both parties must be present to obtain the license. You will need to provide identification such as a driver’s license or passport, and pay a fee. Once you have your marriage license, you can get married anywhere in the state of Nevada within one year.

There are many chapels in Las Vegas that offer elopement packages, which typically include a ceremony, officiant, flowers, music, and sometimes photography or videography. Prices for these packages vary depending on the chapel and the package you choose, but they can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Top 3 Las Vegas wedding alternatives

  1. Your local courthouse

    ⭕ you may have to wait out the county’s ‘waiting period’ (depending on your state/county)
    ⭕ you may have delays to get a court date set
    ⭕ couple must be physically located together

    How it works:
    Getting married at your local courthouse can be a simple and cost-effective option for couples who want to tie the knot without the fuss and expense of a big wedding. Here are some general steps to follow if you want to get married at your local courthouse. First, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license from your county clerk’s office. The requirements for obtaining a marriage license can vary by state and county, but generally, you’ll need to provide identification and pay a fee. Then, you’ll need to schedule your courthouse wedding. Some courthouses have specific days and times set aside for weddings, while others may allow you to schedule your wedding for a time that works best for you. Third, you’ll attend your courthouse wedding. On the day of your wedding, you’ll need to bring your marriage license and any required documentation to your courthouse. Your ceremony will likely be performed by a judge or a justice of the peace, and it may be held in a courtroom or another designated area of the courthouse. After your courthouse wedding, you’ll need to have your marriage license signed and returned to the county clerk’s office to make your marriage official. Depending on your state, you may also need to obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate for legal purposes.

  2. The big wedding

    ⭕ very costly (average $30,000 per wedding in the USA)
    ⭕ might take 12-18 months to get a venue & plan
    ⭕ can be very stressful

    How it works:
    Throwing a big wedding can be a memorable and special event, but it also requires more planning, time, and resources. You’ll need to set a budget – the first step in planning a big wedding is to determine your budget. You’ll need to consider the cost of the venue, catering, decorations, entertainment, and other expenses. It’s important to set a realistic budget and prioritize what’s most important to you. Next you’ll choose a venue – the venue is one of the most important aspects of a big wedding. You’ll need to choose a venue that can accommodate all of your guests, as well as any other activities you have planned, such as a dance floor or photo booth. Next, you’ll need to hire vendors – vendors to provide catering, photography, entertainment, and other services. It’s important to research and compare different vendors to find ones that fit your style, budget, and preferences. Plan the details – there are many details to plan for a big wedding, including the decorations, music, seating arrangements, and more. You may want to hire a wedding planner to help with the details or do it yourself. After you’ll send invitations – once you have the details of your wedding planned out, you’ll need to send out invitations to your guests. It’s important to give your guests plenty of notice so they can make travel arrangements if necessary. Remember, while a big wedding can be a beautiful and memorable event, it’s important to stay within your budget and plan for unexpected expenses. Don’t forget to prioritize what’s most important to you and make the day a reflection of your love and personality.

  3. Get married online with VirtualMarriage.com

    ✅ you can get married within a couple days
    ✅ you & your partner can be physically located in different states / countries.
    ✅ your guests can watch from anywhere in the world.
    ✅ it’s only a few hundred dollars
    ✅ 100% legal under US law

    Using VirtualMarriage.com, couples may do the entire process online from any place. A legitimate U.S. marriage certificate may be acquired quickly, easily, and in most cases, in less than 48 hours, without any documentation.

    You can signup for VirtualMarriage.com using the pricing link here.

    It’s simple to get legally married online using VirtualMarriage. Technically, you’ll be married through the courts in Utah state. This will be legally recognized in all 50 states. You can read 50+ reviews of VirtualMarriage here. After signing up, you’ll book your ceremony with your VirtualMarriage licensed officiant through an easy online portal. We’re open 7 days a week (including weekends) for ~8am to 8pm PST. You will provide some details for your ceremony preferences around personal vows, exchanging rings & including a religious prayer. You’ll also have the option to book the ceremony in english, spanish or french. After booking your ceremony, you will get a calendar invitation for the date / time you booked and your Zoom link for the ceremony. Legally you’ll need 2 witnesses for your wedding (can be friends or family). If needed, we can provide 2 witnesses for your wedding for an additional fee. After booking your ceremony, you’ll obtain your marriage license from the Utah courts. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide as well as premium customer support to walk you through this process. You’ll simply need a valid ID for both partners, both be over 18+ years old & have not gotten divorced in the last 60 days. You’ll need a marriage license completed before your ceremony takes place.

    Join your family and friends online to celebrate your marriage!
    Finally, get hitched online while lounging in your house (or any other place with a strong internet connection!). It should take roughly 15 minutes to complete the ceremony. Your Zoom link is in your calendar invitation. A digital copy of your U.S. marriage certificate will be sent to you immediately after your online wedding, and a printed copy will be sent to you within a few business days. With just a few steps, you’ll be able to complete the process with ease. All you need is a valid email address, identification, and your payment method.

    Are online marriages legal outside the United States?
    Yes! If you want your wedding to be certified and/or recognized in a nation other than the United States, you might need to get an Apostille certification. An apostille guarantees that your marriage license is valid, verifiably legitimate, and recognized in all nations that have ratified The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. You can purchase an Apostille from us for an additional fee. We’ll help process your Apostille & have it shipped to your doorstep.

For those looking to get married via a Las vegas wedding, the best alternative to eloping in Vegas is getting married online via VirtualMarriage.com.