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Need help with your Spouse Visa application?

Get an immigration attorney to help guide your through the marriage green card process. Talk to an immigration lawyers about your unique needs.

Can I talk to an attorney?

Yes, you can book 30 minute call with an attorney for $49. Book your call here >

Are virtual marriages accepted for spouse visas?

Yes! Virtual marriages are perfectly acceptable for U.S. spousal green card applications, as long as the couple can show that the marriage was legally sanctioned and consummated. Once married, they’ll have to prove the marriage was consummated. Why? As it stands, for purposes of immigration, U.S. law requires couples to be in the same place when they get married, “unless the marriage shall have been consummated” (see section 101(a)(35) of the Immigration Nationality Act (INA)).

To prove consummation, couples can collect documents showing that they have been physically together for stretches of time between the marriage ceremony and the filing of the green card application. Evidence might include: 

  • Signed affidavit provided by the couple
  • Signed affidavits provided by the couple’s friends, family, and neighbors
  • Time-stamped photos
  • Flight itineraries 
  • Bills or bank statements containing both spouses’ names
  • Hotel reservations

To be clear: the newlyweds must prove consummation occurred AFTER the ceremony. 

How much does the 'Spouse Visa' package cost?

You can purchase our Spouse Visa package for $1,499

Dedicated immigration attorney from start to finish (lawyer phone, email & text support). Everything from forms, evidence prep, legal advice & interview support. 30 day money back guarantee.

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What's your guarantee?

For Spouse Visa package, we have a 30-day money back guarantee –  we’ll refund you 100% if you’re unhappy with our service.

How does the Spouse Visa process work?

We’ll help you from start to finish to get your spouse visa (marriage greencard) using Form 1-130. With our ‘Spouse Visa’ package, you’ll have an attorney available for email/text/calls. We’ll guide you to every form, document & info needed

How do I contact support?

Email hello@virtualmarriage.com or call +1 909.274.9125