Get an immigration attorney to help with your unique needs.

Legal Consult

30 minute video call with a United States immigration Attorney.


  • 30-min. Video Consultation with a U.S. Immigration Attorney (within 7 business days)
  • Get $49 rebate when you purchase Spouse Visa Package

Spouse Visa Package

Dedicated immigration attorney for the green card petition process. Get expert legal advice, forms and evidence preparation, interview support, and package submission.


  • (or $129 per month via Afterpay)

  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Video Consultation with a U.S. Immigration Attorney (within 7 business days)
  • Ongoing attorney access and support via email, text, phone, and video calls
  • Comprehensive application preparation and review by immigration attorney
  • Attorney preparation for USCIS interview
  • Application submission with attorney cover letter
  • Legal support if USCIS requests additional evidence
  • Government fees not included

Marriage Bundle

VirtualMarriage + Spouse Visa + Apostille. Save $426 by bundling your online legal marriage, Apostille & Spouse Visa Package into one bundle (total value $2,125)


  • (or $147 per month via Afterpay)

  • Save $426 by bundling Marriage, Visa & Apostille
  • Legal U.S. Marriage, 100% online ($500 value)
  • Spouse Visa Package ($1,500 value)
  • Apostille ($125 value)

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What is the government fees for a visa?

Government fees are not included with your Spouse Visa Package. You can view the latest USCIS government filing fees using the fee calculator. For a Spouse Visa, it’s likely you would select form ‘1-130’ – however, we recommend talking to a lawyer to verify.

What's the money-back guarantee?

For the Spouse Visa Package, we offer a 14-Day Money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy starting the process with the attorney, we’ll give you 100% refund. Simply email hello@virtualmarriage.comwithin 14 days of purchase.

What's included in the marriage bundle?

Marriage bundle includes a VirtualMarriage (to get you legal US marriage certificate), Spouse Visa Bundle & Apostille (to get marriage legally recognized in another country outside the U.S.)

What's my agreement with immigration attorney?

Your relationship with the immigration attorney is under our Limited Scope Representation Agreement.

How do I contact support?

Email us at or text/call us at+1 (909) 274-9125‬.