Updated as of January 16, 2024

THIS LIMITED SCOPE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made between you, a VirtualMarriage customer and the Immigration Attorney (“Attorney”) who has agreed to provide Services as defined below to you. You and Attorney agree that Attorney is not engaged to represent you generally in your immigration case. Rather, Attorney’s representation of you is limited to the Services defined below, and nothing more, unless you and Attorney otherwise agree separately in writing.

VirtualMarriage is not a party to this Agreement. Your relationship with VirtualMarriage is governed by the company’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

As part of the services made available to you at, VirtualMarriage has made arrangements with independent immigration attorneys to perform legal consultations for you and/or limited reviews of immigration documents you generate. Attorney is not an employee of VirtualMarriage and is an independent practitioner. During the delivery of Services, Attorney will exercise their independent professional judgment, without influence or control by VirtualMarriage.

Attorney must act in your best interest while providing the Services defined in this Agreement in a competent manner. However, because you and Attorney have agreed that Attorney will provide only limited legal help:

  • Attorney DOES NOT have to give more help than described in this Agreement, and
  • Attorney DOES NOT HAVE TO HELP you with any other part of your immigration benefits application, case, or legal matter.

While performing the Services defined in this Agreement, you specifically agree that:

  • Attorney DOES NOT promise any specific outcome of your immigration benefits application, case, or legal matter;
  • Attorney will RELY ENTIRELY on your description of the facts you provide to them via the VirtualMarriage website about your case and WILL NOT conduct any independent investigation;
  • Attorney’s representation of you ends when application is submitted or when the Attorney advises against filing the immigration documents you selected; and
  • Attorney may advise you that a limited scope representation is not reasonable in your case and advise that you need additional services or more comprehensive services of another attorney.
Included Services

Depending on the product you purchased, the Services to be provided will consist of the following:

If you purchased a Spouse visa package, you have the option of scheduling up to five consultations with the Attorney and the Attorney will review your immigration application documents.

Consultation Services include the following and no more:

  • Attorney review of the facts you provided to the Attorney via the VirtualMarriage website.
  • Attorney will provide verbal or written feedback discussing your personal legal immigration options, based on the facts you provided via the VirtualMarriage website.

Immigration application document review services include the following and no more:

  • Attorney will review the application. Your application to check for typographical errors, inconsistent or incorrect data, illogical entries, or internal conflicts in the application.
  • Attorney will confirm You are eligible for the immigration benefit You are seeking.
  • Attorney will correct omissions of critical information that Attorney identifies that may cause rejection by the government.
  • Attorney will review Your filing timeline in an effort to avoid application rejection.
  • Attorney will advise You about the immigration benefit You are seeking and provide written feedback within 5-10 business days.
Services That Are Not Included

The following services are not included and will not be provided by the Attorney, unless otherwise agreed to in writing:

  • Representation before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”), the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”), the Executive Office for Immigration Review (“EOIR”), the Department of Labor (“DOL”), the State Department, any United States Federal Court, state court, local city or municipal court, or any other governmental agency or administrative body in any legal proceeding.
  • Independent investigation of the facts related to your application or petition for immigration benefits.
  • Counsel through communications with third parties on your behalf.
  • Advice, counsel, or representation for any other type of case or legal matter not included within the definition of Services.
VirtualMarriage Providing Third-Party Payment

By clicking the “I agree” button at the time of your purchase you consent to VirtualMarriage serving as a third-party payor for the legal services included in the package you selected and itemized in your purchase receipt. As part of this third-party payment arrangement Attorney agrees to exercise their independent professional judgement, in accordance with the ethical and professional obligations that govern lawyers in the state(s) which they are licensed.

Your Obligations

You retain control over all aspects of your immigration matter and remain responsible for all decisions made during your immigration matter. You agree to (a) provide truthful and complete information when completing your application; (b) provide truthful and complete information in any communications between you and Attorney; (c) carefully consider Attorney’s advice before making any major decisions regarding Your immigration application or case; (d) advise Attorney of any new developments or new or changed information related to your application or immigration matter of which you learn during the course of this Agreement and prior to any consultations with Attorney; (e) as part of your experience with VirtualMarriage, that it is your responsibility to send your immigration benefit application to the appropriate USCIS office for processing and adjudication.

Termination of Agreement

Unless you and Attorney otherwise agree in writing, this Agreement, and Attorney’s representation of you, shall automatically terminate when your application is submitted or when Attorney completes the Services you purchased, whichever comes first. You may terminate this Agreement for any or no reason at any time. Attorney may terminate this Agreement if, in Attorney’s sole judgment, you have failed to fulfill one or more of Your material obligations under this Agreement, for other good cause, or any reason authorized or required by law, rule or regulation, including professional rules and/or ethics rules that govern the conduct of Attorneys.

Entire Agreement

This document represents the entire and exclusive agreement between You and Attorney. It supersedes and replaces any and all prior oral or written understandings or agreements made to You by Attorney regarding the Services discussed herein.

Your Informed Consent

By clicking on the “I agree” button you are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement and that:

  • You confirm that you have read this entire Limited Scope Representation Agreement and understand all of its terms, and that you understand and accept the limitations on the scope of Attorney’s services provided herein, and your obligations identified above;
  • You give Attorney permission to share and disclose information, data, and/or facts pertinent to your immigration benefit application or case with VirtualMarriage solely for the purpose of facilitating generation of the immigration benefit application form you have selected and understand that such communications are to kept confidential by VirtualMarriage and Attorney, in accordance with the same level of privacy required by the Attorney under the rules that govern Attorney’s communications with You; and
  • Unless you and the Attorney otherwise agree in writing, Attorney is not your attorney for any other purpose, and Attorney has no obligation to provide you any more assistance than the Services defined above.

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