We held a remote wedding instead of our planned wedding party with friends. As new coronavirus spreads across the country, everyone feel sunless atmosphere. We thought it was frustrating to just postpone our wedding. We wanted to do something fun and cheerful so we decided to have a remote wedding three days before the big day. During the three days preparation, we gathered up several things that we had at home and those that we had originally planned to use, and prepared the equipment for the video distribution for the first time. We didn’t have enough time to rehearsal, but… More than 100 friends joined us from their home, workplaces and where they spend their time.

We know there are pros and cons to doing something like this outside, even if it’s just the two of us, at this time. However, we just want to tell to all the sad and frustrated people who had weddings and parties planned. Circumstances change everyday and now you may not be able to have a remote wedding even outside like us. But we think there are things you can do from time to time. We hope that you will be able to feel a little more cheerful by our posts.

Now, we don’t used to hear the phrase “remote wedding.” What we did was just to deliver the video of our wedding ceremony and have our friends watched at home.

We originally wanted to have a wedding party as a participating event for many friends, so we had took surveys on the web page from around last summer. We’ll tell you more about that in detail, but since we were delivering invitations and other information on the web rather than on paper from the preparation, we told them that we would have a remote wedding by using the web page. We used LINE’s “open chat” function to collect the photos of our wedding, so we could use the open chat to interact with the guests. It was really “modern” ceremony because we were looking at the screen of the cell phone during the ceremony.


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