What tool is best for your virtual wedding?

This is one of the most important questions a couple can ask for their virtual wedding. Having the right audio & video technology can make or break the success of your wedding. There are lots of important questions to ask – # of guests, length of your wedding, quality of video stream & more. We’ve put together our favorite 5 tools for hosting your virtual video wedding below.

#5 Vimeo LiveStream

Vimeo acquired LiveStream and provides an array of solutions. One of those is the ability to livestream your wedding. It’s a more premium option and the most expensive of the bunch. However, it may be a good fit if you have a large budget. They also are the most secure of the group – however, as long as you don’t mind other people seeing your wedding online, this shouldn’t be a big concern. 

#4 Be Live

Typically meant for companies, streamers or community owners, BeLive is a great option for those who want to create ‘shows’. There’s a free option for BeLive is can be used for your virtual wedding. There’s options for ‘reactions’, ‘likes’ and more from your guests. As well, there are some cool features for controlling what your guests see (even sharing pre-recorded videos alongside your live ceremony).

#3 Youtube

A good free option is YouTube Live. YouTube brings your wedding to life with photos, emoji, and live videos for free. It will integrate with your other google products (gmail, google drive, & more). It’s a bit more difficult to get guests involved, but very easy to share your wedding with the world. 

#2 Facebook Live

A great free option for a small ceremony is Facebook Live. It will actually integrate with third parties like Be.Live, DJI, EasyLive, etc. to bring in guests. Given that over 2.5 Billion people use Facebook, it’s likely that your family & friends will easily be able to watch. You can notify users before & then again when you go live.

And finally, here’s our favorite tool for your virtual wedding is…

#1 Zoom

Our favorite option by far is Zoom. Zoom is the most popular tool for businesses to do do meetings. However, more and more, people are using Zoom for family hangouts, friend happy hours & more. In this case, it could be great option for your virtual wedding ($15 for up to 100 guests). 

Then Sandy, one of Abena’s bridesmaids and the “event planner” of the crew, brought up the idea of hosting Zoom wedding and gathered the entire bridal to bring the idea to fruition. What followed were dozens of Amazon Prime orders, a last-minute wedding dress purchase, and a DIY photo studio set-up, all culminating in a special, 50-person Zoom wedding put together in one week.

AbenaZoom Wedding Bride

Whatever you choose, let us know your story! We’ll feature you in our virtual wedding stories.